Press Release / National Issues

On President Duterte’s SONA


We agree with the President that while the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) had some successes in regularizing some workers, there are issues that can only be addressed through tax reforms.

We appreciate the emphasis he gave on the government's commitment to end abuses against our overseas Filipino workers. It is indeed important to cooperate with host nations to implement policies that will protect the well-being of our OFWs. 

We also appreciate the value President Rodrigo Duterte has given to the passage of our End Endo Bill. I am confident that the passage of this bill will contribute to the end of labor abuses and promote workers' right to security of tenure.  

With regard to TRAIN 2, we are in favor of reducing the fiscal leakages from wasteful incentives and lowering of corporate tax rates to make the country more competitive. At the minimum, we will need a clear framework in identifying industries that will be incentivized for generating quality jobs and for contributing significant growth to our economy. 

The other tax packages are also most welcomed particularly the tax on mining and tobacco and of course the passage of Enhanced Universal Health Care Act. A comprehensive health system will greatly improve the welfare of the public.

Overall, we will work hand in hand with the government in ensuring that more jobs will be created and more policies will be crafted and implemented that will uplift the lives of every Filipino.